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Meet Jamie


Born and raised in Goldsboro NC, I have proudly called this place my home for 47 years. I am married to my husband, Anthony. We have been blessed with five sons, one daughter, and now one grandson. While three of our children are still in school and reside with us, our other three sons have recently completed their college education. 

While attending Wake Tech, I earned an Associate of Arts degree. Seeking to further my education I decided to enroll

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at the University of Mount Olive, where I am excitingly pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies,which I aim to complete this year.

Alongside my academic pursuits, I am the owner of 1st Choice Bail Bonds, serving the Goldsboro community since 2003. Additionally, I hold a Private Investigators Associate License, through which I collaborate with Prime One Investigations. Since 2022, I have actively served on the Parks and Recreation's Advisory Commission, where I now hold the position of chair. In March I successfully graduated from the City of Goldsboro’s Citizens Academy. I volunteer extensively with The Tommy’s Foundation, dedicating my efforts to assist unhoused individuals and those struggling with addiction in our community. I recently contributed to the formation of a neighborhood watch group in my neighborhood earlier this year and am looking forward to witnessing its progress and development. Moving forward, I am also passionate about partnering with others to develop programs and activities to give our youth choices and chances.

If you look up “tailor” in the dictionary, one of the meanings is to create a plan or system to meet someone’s needs. It’s when you adapt to make it suitable for a particular person or purpose. I want to be that meaning of a tailor and do my best to help bring our city together and in doing so make it a better place for my family and yours.

With that being said, Let’s “Taylor” Goldsboro Together!!

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Engaging in conversations with long-term residents in various parts of my district, I am moved by the stories of what a grand area it once was. District 3, in many ways has been overlooked and neglected. I sometimes think of most of District 3 as the forgotten district. Abandoned houses, litter strewn about, and an alarming, increasing crime rate has marred its potential. I am eager to raise awareness and actively collaborate to cultivate safe, thriving neighborhoods, that instill a sense of pride within us all. 


Neighborhood blight has negative impacts on a community reaching out further than most people
realize. Blighted properties decrease home values, disrupt the local real estate market, pose safety risks to nearby residents, and reduce tax revenue for the city. I have a vision that together we can find a solution to reduce blight, which in turn, will positively impact many other aspects of our city.


Our city is grappling with the presence of gangs, pervasive crime, and the murder rate has skyrocketed. It is imperative that we lend our unwavering support to our law enforcement officers and I firmly believe that we can explore viable avenues to enhance their compensation. To effectively address the shortage of police personnel in our city we must strive to be competitive with neighboring counties, which in turn will attract highly skilled officers to aid in the reduction of criminal activity. 

Residents deserve to be able to feel safe in their homes, children deserve to be able to play outside without fear.

As we envision the future, I am determined that we do not witness a further increase in our crime rates four years from now. We must work towards reducing crime and not let it escalate. Let us work together to build a safer more harmonious community for all. 


If there is one thing that I excel at, it's running a business. Through my experience, I have acquired numerous managerial skills and aspects that I can bring to the table. These include finance, mediation, learning when to push for something important and when not to push too hard. I have also learned the value of collaboration and working effectively with others despite our differences. When elected to serve on the City Council, my goal is to bridge divides. I want to foster unity by coming together and actively engaging with fellow members and local government officials at every chance given, all for the greater good of Goldsboro and its residents. I aim to be able to talk to my fellow colleagues rather than speaking at them or about them. Serving on the City Council holds great significance to me, not only because my family resides here, but yours does too. 

"I want to bridge divides. I want to foster unity by coming together and actively engaging with fellow members and other local government officials at every chance given, all for the greater good of Goldsboro and its residents."


I am thrilled to witness the remarkable developments taking place in Downtown Goldsboro! Looking around at all the changes that have taken place since I was a child brings me immense joy. Local businesses play a vital role in the fabric of a small town. They create job opportunities, generate tax revenue, and given the right environment and prospects, they have the power to shape our city into one we can truly take pride in. I look forward to promoting inclusive economic growth, encouraging the expansion of businesses in and beyond the downtown area, bringing vitality and prosperity to the inner city.

One of my goals when elected, will be to support any business owner trying to make an honest living.


Despite these two issues being different, they both share several similarities. Those who struggle with homelessness and addiction are shunned or placed on the back burner, while our community has no real solution for solving either problem.


In my line of work in bail bonds, I frequently encounter clients who find themselves in the midst of these challenges. It is a truly devastating fact. We are all human and deserve a fair shot in life. When elected, I will work tirelessly to bring about the necessary changes our community needs, coming up with effective solutions to help people while they are at their lowest.

No one is perfect. We all go through various trials in life. I want to be a part of a solution that paves the way for a better future.

When I am elected, I will work tirelessly to bring about the necessary changes our community needs. I know what works and what doesn't because it's my job to help people who are at their lowest.


Let's "Taylor" Goldsboro Together


If you would like to contact us or ask any questions, please reach out through one of the options below.

We look forward to talking with you!




P.O. Box 72, Goldsboro

N.C., 27533

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